I am working on a new painting....I am always working on a new painting. I am thinking that there might be some sort of pattern in producing successful paintings. What I mean, is that I go through a few, perhaps 3 or 4, canvases and then hit a good one. A keeper. I very rarely achieve, let's say, 5 good paintings in a row. I've read about many artists who experience this as well. Even when Van Gogh returned home, he would paint over a bunch of canvases once he looked at them propped up against a wall in his house. One paints madly and then when the painting is viewed from a distance, or off the easel, it looks different. Know what I am talking about?

The same thing happens with book illustrations. When the book is finally produced, and you see your artwork reproduced in book form, the results can be very disappointing. This happens to many illustrators. I know many who stopped doing books because of this end result. I have a rule, I don't look at a published book I have done for at least 6 months. For some reason, the space of time lessens the blow. 

From a new book....."I Just Want To Say Goodnight!" Out in the fall sometime from Penguin Publishers

From a new book....."I Just Want To Say Goodnight!" Out in the fall sometime from Penguin Publishers

Upcoming Events

May 7th, 2016

Liss Gallery's Grand Opening Group Show


Liss Gallery cordially invites you to a group exhibition celebrating the grand opening of our new Cumberland location.

Featuring new artworks by: Greg Angus, Johnathan Ball, Malcolm Emilio, Rob Farmer, Rachel Isadora, Sim Posen and Alexander Rocco.

Liss Gallery

112 Cumberland Street, Toronto, ON, Canada.




June 4, 2016

Ballet Brilliante!


Tony Williams Ballet is proud to present an action-packed program that will include the second-ever production of “Ben’s Trumpet,” a jazz ballet concert based on the award-winning children’s book by Rachel Isadora, along with a carnival of works from George Balanchine to Isadora Duncan with the sounds of Saint-Saens, Glinka & 1930s- 40s jazz.  

Strand Theater, Dorchester, MA

543 Columbia Rd, Dorchester, MA 02125, United States

$20 Tickets: twbstrand.eventbrite.com


Welcome to my Blog

I was surrounded by art and artists from my very beginning. My mother and uncle were artists and from the time I can remember, I was in the stroller visiting their artist friends, Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Raphael Soyer, in every cold water flat and studio in New York City. I loved to paint and draw and wanted to become an artist too.

My sister was a dancer and I was still in the stroller when I watched her classes at The New Dance Group. When I was old enough, I began lessons. My love of dance continued and I became a ballerina.

The two arts have remained intertwined to this day and are inseparable. Though I don't dance professionally any longer, the subject is the focus of many of my paintings and books. I observed closely movement and form of the human body when I was dancing and this has been an inspiration for my Expressionist paintings. Being exposed to some of the greatest artists of the 19th and 20th centuries has only inflamed my passion for art. Great music and choreography influence my paintings through timing, colour and light.